Sirona launches a MASSIVE playlist showcasing underground artists. (#underground #undergroundmusic #netlabel )




Sirona Records recently launched a new music player on their website, which features HUNDREDS of tracks from Sirona releases.

When I say hundreds, I mean 228 and counting. This playlist will likely grow massively in the coming weeks.

So do your self a favor, head on over to their website to access the endless showcase of underground talent.


TUNNEL VISION: Bash Nova – Re Volution (( #ambient #trippy ))

tunnel vision

***Tunnel Vision is a column that takes a look at underground and indie films/video and film making.***

I saw that Bash Nova put out a cool new video and I wanted to help share it.

Bash Nova is an awesome ambient sounds project that hails out of Scotland.

In a nut shell: Bash Nova captures the imagery of nature and sifts it through a really awesome kaleidoscope effect. This mixed with the ambient sounds makes for a really enjoyable experience for multiple senses. (Especially if you are smoking weed like I am now.) The song is titled Re Volution and is a track off the new album Contact of Flesh.

So anyway, check out Bash Nova HERE, Download Contact of Flesh for Free HERE, and watch this awesome video below. 

MORE VIDEO: Pollux also summons the madness.

Earlier I was discussing a shocking revelation that RedSK and Dental Work were using noise to summon resonant deities.

Now, it would seem, that France has been bombarded with such demons of chaos as well.

Our friend Pollux shared a disturbing video in the SP Facebook group the other day titled Black Skull. Upon observation, it is clear that he has some how managed to tear a hole into our own reality and take us on a journey through a pineal highway that is sure to rip you out of this world.

Now and only now do I know what it is like to astral travel through a computer wire and slip into oblivion. It is not coincidence that I happened upon this video while super stoned on spirit smoke.

Hurrah for it’s glory.

If you listen closely, you can hear the whispers of the resonant being…

Pretty awesome right ? ❤

Download and Stream “Black Day” HERE


REVIEW: Recollecting a modern classic from Orville Wilcox

Assembling Tunnel to the Underground Vol.3 has proved to be a daunting task. So I decided to take a quick break and share a long over due review.

The album I would like to take a moment to review is Orville Wilcox’s “Recollections.”


Recollections is almost two years old now. What’s funny is that the last time I listened to it heavily was around the same time I was assembling my last net release for Kitty on Fire: Tunnel to the Underground Vol.2.

What can I say about this album?

It’s amazing to say the least. In the past four years I have heard MANY releases come out of the underground. But releases of this quality are few and far between. Recollections is an ambient MASTERPIECE.

What makes Recollections so good?

The atmosphere. This album is pure atmosphere.

As a whole, the album is very ethereal. It’s not really busy, very simple, using an assortment of pads.

Listening to it is like traveling through a series of phantom like worlds. Some of these worlds are subtle and even relaxing at times. Other worlds are dark, ominous, and leave you with feelings of hopelessness and melancholy.

Yes it is that powerful.

Very few pieces of media have managed to strike such emotional chords with me. I urge everyone to take the trip and give Recollections a listen. A great album to smoke some of the shire’s finest weed and relax and space out to. Some of my favorite tracks are: The White Ship, Radiant City, and Metallic Trilobite Colony. But I recommend you give it all a listen.

I give Recollections 3 out of 4 Lanterns


Last Call for Tunnel Submissions.

***This is the final call for submissions. DEADLINE IS JUNE 1st***

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 (Scroll to bottom of page for list of contributing artists and net labels)

The Tunnel to the Underground compilation project is meant to showcase the underground world of art. It is a collection of art from various underground artists from all over the world.
This comp is assembled by volunteers, and distributed freely via internet. Usually it is hosted by several labels and net labels at one time.

There have been three previous Volumes of Tunnel to the Underground.

TUNNEL TO THE UNDERGROUND VOL.1  (Assembled by Kitty On Fire Records)

TUNNEL TO THE UNDERGROUND VOL. 666 (Assembled by Torn Flesh Records)

TUNNEL TO THE UNDERGROUND VOL. 2 (Assembled by Kitty On Fire Records)

And it is now time to start the process on creating VOL.3

Vol.3 will be assembled by Dark Forest Media and hosted on,Bandcamp, Youtube, and Soundcloud and will land in several other net label catalogs. So please contact me if you are a net label that’s interested in hosting the sickness.


  • INCLUDE ALL RELEVANT INFO!: You must include all information you want to be seen on the comp. This obviously means your name and title of your piece. Please be sure to include any website you want promoted, bio, pictures, or anything else you want people to see. I WILL NOT GO OUT OF MY WAY TO FIND THESE THINGS. If I receive a submission that has not been properly tagged then I will disregard it.
  • SEND MP3 or WAV FORMAT (Music Submissions) @ ANY BIT RATE YOU CHOOSE
  • NO LENGTH RESTRICTION: Your submission may be as long as you desire.
  • NO GENRE RESTRICTION: We don’t give a shit what your genre is. At all. We only care about your status as an artist in this world. Meaning we only want work from underground artists and do it yourself artists.
  • NO SIGNED OR CONTRACTED ARTISTS: This comp is intended to showcase artists who have not been signed with a record label, or have signed contracts with producers. We are looking for do it your selfers. Those that dwell in the obscure, hidden scenes that exists only in small pockets amongst society, or on the internet. This is their Tunnel. (NET LABELS DO NOT COUNT AS BEING SIGNED!)
  • SUBMIT TIMELESS MATERIAL: This comp may take a long time to assemble due to it’s nature. So please, only submit material you are confident in, and have put passion into. Not something you will look back in at a year and say “Wow, I really sucked back then.” I don’t want to hear people bitch about their material being outdated or old.
  • DOES NOT HAVE TO BE EXCLUSIVE:You do not have to make a NEW piece of work strictly for this comp, you can use something that has previously been published as long as you still retain the rights. So an old song from a past release will work just fine!

So there you have it! Follow all the guidelines above and send your submissions to DARKFORESTMEDIA101@GMAIL.COM with the tag Tunnel Submission.

Let do this ; )









Confirmed Artists for Compilation

(“Confirmed” means I have your file in my possession.)