Sirona launches a MASSIVE playlist showcasing underground artists. (#underground #undergroundmusic #netlabel )




Sirona Records recently launched a new music player on their website, which features HUNDREDS of tracks from Sirona releases.

When I say hundreds, I mean 228 and counting. This playlist will likely grow massively in the coming weeks.

So do your self a favor, head on over to their website to access the endless showcase of underground talent.


Sirona Records has a new mixtape out, and it’s brutal!

Sirona Records puts out a new Mix Tape every so often. The Mix Tapes are themed, usually with a collection of songs with similar genres. These songs are pulled from Sirona’s massive library of free releases, hand picked by our friend Arnaude (Owner of Sirona)


Mix Tape #7 features 22 songs that hail from various metal genreS. It even features five tracks from Tunnel to Underground Volumes 2 and 3.
Not to mention, it features a couple tracks from our very own Shovel Bums here in the Tunnel. (MirroriM, No Class Assassins, The Wretched Corpse Anatomy)
So throw it in the player and start punching holes through the wall right away.

To check out Sirona Records collection of Mix Tapes CLICK HERE <-

Why it’s okay to use multiple Net-Labels to host your free net release.


This is a topic I have been pretty adamant about for many years now.

Today we are going to talk about why it is okay for you as an artist to use multiple net labels to host your free music download.

First, I want to make it clear that it is every Net Label’s right to want your release to be exclusive to their label. A Net Label with exclusive releases is one that stands out in a crowd.


Just because a Net Label wants your release to be exclusive to their label doesn’t mean you have to, or that you even should. This is why.

Net Labels do not own the rights to your art. You do.

Normal Record Labels sign law binding contracts with artists and own the rights to most of their artist’s material. In return for this, they provide  the artist with royalties, a very large amount of outreach, hook their artists up with shows, alot of times they will help with expenses such as recording costs and travel costs (but not always) ect.

Point being, they have alot to offer in return. Which is why most artists sign away their rights to these bigger labels. Net Labels typically will not supply any of these benefits whatsoever.

Net Labels are ran by hobbyists and enthusiasts for the most part, for free. Alot of times they use a third party hosting service such as, bandcamp, or media fire, and put your music out there on the net for everyone to download freely. It’s a beautiful thing really.

Net Labels have a limited out reach. Their outreach usually depends on their networking skills and how much time they have put into their resources and contacts.

Alot of netlabels have a very small outreach, while others have a fairly large outreach. But none of these labels usually have an outreach that compare to a legitimate record label.

Now the outreach thing is key to this topic.

Each Net Label typically has it’s own unique outreach and fan base. Every label you host your release on is targeting a different group of people (for the most part).

This is not ALWAYS the case. There are certainly Net Labels out there that share alot of the same followers. But, there are countless Net Labels in the world, and most of them do in fact have an outreach that they uniquely created over time.

This is the main reason why you as an artist should host your music on as many labels as you see fit. IT FURTHERS YOUR OWN OUTREACH.

As a free artist, it is important for you to know that you always hold the power over your content unless you sign a legal contract stating otherwise.

If you release an album or song on a Net Label that requests exclusive releases and decide later on down the road that you would like to try another avenue THEN DO SO. It is your right. The Net Label has the right to belly ache and maybe even take your release out of it’s free catalog BUT THAT’S IT.

Don’t ever take flack from a Net Label owner who is mad at you for doing whatever you please with your own music.

I do recommend that you keep this in mind when you are shopping for labels to host your work though. I personally research and avoid labels that requests exclusive releases. Like I said before, even though it is an unrealistic expectation for any net label to have exclusive releases, it is still their right to try. It is their label after all.

Let me list the reasons why Net Labels do not deserve exclusive rights to your content.

  1. You own the rights to your music unless a legal agreement has been made.
  2. Net Labels do not supply you with the same benefits as a real Record Label.
  3. Net Labels have limited outreach

Here are the reasons why you SHOULD seek multiple Net Labels to host your release.

  1. It furthers your outreach and allows you to target a more diverse fan base.
  2. You worked hard on your music and are giving it out for free!
  3. It helps you meet and make friends with alot of cool Net Label owners.

I am not writing this to bash Net Label owners. I have a deep respect for people that volunteer their time to help underground artists gain outreach. I ran a net label for three years myself and I know what these guys go through for artists like you and I.

When I was running my Net Label, alot of the artists on my label would contact me and ask me if it was okay that they submit their release to another label. Even though I thought it was kind for them to consider me, I always told them that the best thing to do was to submit their music to as many Net Labels as they possibly could to gain a wider audience.

And that’s the bottom line.

Keep digging that fucking tunnel. ❤

Torn Flesh Records hits us with some Zelophilia, and it’s bittersweet.


Last night I decided to check out a recently posted release at Torn Flesh Records, and low and behold it turned out to be gold .

Zelophilia can only really be described as an Avant Garde/Mathcore band. But that title really does them little justice, because this album is so much more than that. I haven’t stopped listening to it since the discovery. It’s that good.

It deals in dark themes, most of which are sexual in nature. Between the heavy/raw riffage you get these awesome Sinatra esque vocals.

Every now in then we get some narrative filler, by what sounds like a demented freak the likes of Clown from the Spawn comic books.

The production value is great, we have layers upon layers of interesting sounds. Makes for great atmosphere.

I don’t want to get into it much more, because I am still devouring this thing. But I recommend this to anyone who likes a little experimentation with their heavy.

Fucking A.

Download and Stream Zelophilia’s “Lust, Loathing, & Love.” HERE

Check out the band HERE (Facebook) and HERE (Bandcamp)

And Keep updated with Torn Flesh Records/Netlabel HERE 

Gotta hand it to Torn Flesh for always finding that Diamond in the rough ❤

New Net-Label “Murder Gore Records” launches, re-releases Tunnel to the Underground Volumes 1-3+666 ( #netlabels #undergroundmusic )


Earlier this week I learned that Justin Lefebvre (Deadskin, DJ R3v3r3nd Murd3r, Deadknife Records ) was launching a new Net Label called: Murder Gore Records.

I was pleased to learn that every Tunnel to the Underground comp to date would be  co-hosted on the label’s new catalog!

Very exciting news. Go check out Murder Gore Records new catalog HERE.

A big thanks to Justin Lefebvre! for his continued support of the Tunnel to the Underground.

Sirona Records still accepting submissions for the Devil. ( #underground #music #666 )






A few weeks ago we told you about Sirona Records 666 compilation.

We are happy to report that there is still time to jump aboard this offering to the devil!

Sirona announced the current compilation roster earlier as well.

Siro666, tracks received from: [[[SE AM RIP PER]]], Robotic Joe, Alpha Hydrae, Bassookah, Buffalo Pink, glasscarpenter, 2nnt, Deadskin, Dethccentrik, Dick Van Troglodyte, Subbase, Dj R3v3r3nd Murd3r, djozr, Doomettes, Toxic Chicken, Yalta, Exclamation Point, Exedo, Icolmkill, Josef Nadek, Kamikaze Deadboy, Master Toad, MirrororriM, Noisesurfer, Sven Meyer, Nurses With Knives, Lunatic Finnshits, Rapacious Pretense, Re: Gainer, subQtaneous, The Dark Electronic Poets, The Wretched Corpse Anatomy, Vanth, R. Lobster.

35 tracks – 2 hours and 30 minutes!

That’s a hell of a line up! So head on over to Sirona Records and contribute to this evil beauty! VISIT THE OFFICIAL PAGE HERE.

Tunnel to the Underground VOL.3 Now available on Torn Flesh Records & Sirona Records (Includes Bonus Track)

Happy to announce that both Torn Flesh Records and Sirona Records have released Tunnel to the Underground Vol.3 on their catalogs.

These versions also include a 122nd track that could not be uploaded into the Bandcamp version. So go and download it!

Together we dig the tunnel.

Click on the logo to be redirected to their Archive Release.