Sirona launches a MASSIVE playlist showcasing underground artists. (#underground #undergroundmusic #netlabel )




Sirona Records recently launched a new music player on their website, which features HUNDREDS of tracks from Sirona releases.

When I say hundreds, I mean 228 and counting. This playlist will likely grow massively in the coming weeks.

So do your self a favor, head on over to their website to access the endless showcase of underground talent.


Sirona Records has a new mixtape out, and it’s brutal!

Sirona Records puts out a new Mix Tape every so often. The Mix Tapes are themed, usually with a collection of songs with similar genres. These songs are pulled from Sirona’s massive library of free releases, hand picked by our friend Arnaude (Owner of Sirona)


Mix Tape #7 features 22 songs that hail from various metal genreS. It even features five tracks from Tunnel to Underground Volumes 2 and 3.
Not to mention, it features a couple tracks from our very own Shovel Bums here in the Tunnel. (MirroriM, No Class Assassins, The Wretched Corpse Anatomy)
So throw it in the player and start punching holes through the wall right away.

To check out Sirona Records collection of Mix Tapes CLICK HERE <-

The Tunnel Proudly Presents: Tunnel to the Underground VOL.3!

Tunnel Cover

Well, it’s been eight whole months, but without further delay, Tunnel to the Underground proudly presents to you: TUNNEL TO THE UNDERGROUND VOL.3!

This is a MASSIVE compilation that features 122 tracks from over 70 artists from different genres. It starts here, and will continue to grow as it is released by various Net Labels through out the world. ANY NET LABEL OR LABEL CAN DOWNLOAD AND RE-RELEASE THIS COMPILATION FREELY!

Keep checking back to this page to see the lists of labels grow in number. Links to each labels version of the release will be listed here. LET’S MAKE THIS BIG.

Okay, enough chit chat, you might want to put on some headphones and dedicate a few hours to this, it’s a doozy.





 STREAM AND DOWNLOAD HERE! [TRF742] (Features Bonus Track #122)


STREAM AND DOWNLOAD HERE! [Siro662] (Features Bonus Track #122)


STREAM AND DOWNLOAD HERE [Dead05333] (Features Bonus Track #122)


STREAM AND DOWNLOAD HERE [MGR003] (Features Bonus Track #122)

Placenta Recordings announces Mental Spaghetti Fest #4: “The Quatro”.


For years now, I have missed what looks to be one of the coolest music festivals in the underground scene. I have heard nothing but good things about the annual Placenta Recordings organized Mental Spaghetti Fest. Even the name is cool right?

So what is Mental Spaghetti Fest you ask?

Mental Spaghetti Fest is a weekend long, underground music and culture festival that features a HUGE line up of artists and bands that range from Metal to Noise, and any other underground and experimental genres you can really think of (Especially those of electronic nature.) Also, it’s one of those cool pitch a tent and camp out for three days festivals. Fucking awesome.

So anywaysssss. Earlier today I received my invite to Mental Spaghetti Fest #4! WOOHOO! It’s going to take place on the weekend of August 16th and run until August 19th. And god damn, they already have a killer line up going. Already I see familiar names such as RedSK, Dental Work, Watabou, Bubblegum Octopus, tooth_eye. I also see an exciting new addition, the local Detroit based grind band DEADCHURCH! I have been diggin on DEADCHURCH lately so I am psyched to see them live. Because I WILL be going this year, so fucking help me.

Tunnel to the Underground will be CAMPING OUT and covering this event, getting all kinds of cool photos and footage, and hopefully getting some interviews to post on the youtub page.

Here is the line up thus far.

Geronimo Arafat (Los Angeles, CA)
Bubblegum Octopus (Verona, New Jersey)
Dromez (Austin, Texas)
Crochetcatpause (Detroit, MI/Pittsburgh, PA) 
Dental Work (Traverse City, MI)
The Bayside Bombshells Burlesque Troupe (Traverse City, MI)
Whitey Alibaster (St. Petersburg, Florida)
Medicinal Groove (Traverse City, MI)
DJ Fungus (Traverse City, MI)
Eric’s Disastrous Social Life (Ann Arbor, MI)
Drill Scare (Chicago, IL)
Khrysalis (Detroit, MI)
Tooth_Eye (Chicago, IL)
Selector Catalog (Detroit, MI)
Eprom Colony (Detroit, MI)
Steve Cattin (Switzerland)
Grave Slave (Arizona)
Fluff (Frankfort, MI)
Barbeque (Detroit, MI)
Watabou (Ann Arbor, MI)
Kessenchu (Lansing, MI)
RedSK (Detroit, MI)
Little Mack (Ann Arbor, MI)
Lady Lebanon (Detroit, MI)
Lionghoulman (Detroit, MI)
Total Hipster Crusher (Fowlerville, MI)
Kevin Summers (Manistee, MI)
Faction Disaster (Gaylord, MI)
Bruxism (Fenton, MI)
Dead Church (Detroit, MI)
Snesei (Detroit, MI)
MEGAskyfish (Traverse City, MI)
Joestep Stalin (Lansing, MI)
Inflatable Best Friend (Kalamazoo, MI)
Nikola Whallon
The One Electric
Tell All Your Friends (Detroit, MI)
Detroit Dad (Detroit, MI)
Amigo (Flint, MI)
Sycamore Smith & The Gray Beast (Marquette, MI)
Silence Dogood (Marquette, MI)
All Odds Against (Vanderbilt, MI)
Consumption (Marquette, MI)
Mold Loaf
Thug Bites

+ MORE TBA (Contact me here if you are interested in performing, we have a few slots left!

We will keep you guys updated on any developments. Until then, check out the official event page HERE and check out Placenta Recordings HERE

Also, check out this killer video from last years fest. It showcases the variety of genres and the fun times to be had. Dig It.



Two albums that I have really been listening to lately are Necrophagia’s “Holocausto De La Morte” and “Harvest Ritual: Vol 1”. Both are underground death metal classics in my opinion. Anyone who likes dark, aggressive and groovy, horror-based Metal will totally dig these masterpieces! I first heard Necrophagia when I was dating some psychotic chick from Port Huron and she had a shirt and the “Holocausto” record. When she put it on I was totally into it! Super fucking heavy guitar and very creepy feel! The sound clips from Italian horror-gore film director Lucio Fulci movies does a nice job of bringing atmosphere to the hellish as fuck 8 tracks and they are obviously inspired and pay endless tribute to the godfather of gore’s numerous horror films. I am a huge Fulci fan myself and that definitely attributes to me loving these albums. Both records do a great job of creating heavy grooves while maintaining a level of catchy rhythms, good choruses and vocals like a dirty satanic troll sitting in a slime-pit in Hades!

HOLOCAUSTO CD  necrophagiaharvest2

Necrophagia “Holocausto De La Morte” (1998) is an epic tale of death, blood lust, possession, ghosts and satanism. It is Necrophagia’s third full length studio album and first with “Anton Crowley” AKA Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Down, Superjoint Ritual) on guitars. The group was formed in Wellsville, Ohio in 1983 and is known as being one of the first bands to be classified as death metal. The group was founded by vocalist Frank “Killjoy” Pucci. The band name is derived from the act of cannibalizing, or eating a corpse; the word is crafted from the two Greek words nekron (corpse) and phagein (to eat).

The songs that stand out to me on “Holocausto” is “The Cross Burns Black” due to around the 3:50 mark where the most killer breakdown I’ve ever heard in a metal song hits the track! When the drums kick in its like none other, I’m telling ya. Makes me want to rip out someone’s heart!!!!!!

I strongly suggest giving “Holocausto De La Morte” a listen before listening to the next record “Harvest Ritual: Vol 1” even though there was another album released in between the two titled “The Divine Art Of Torture” in 2003, although a good album…it did not make the cut of my need to mention in this blog.

HARVEST cd  necro

Necropahgia’s fifth studio album “Harvest Ritual: Vol 1” (2005) Killjoy announced the new line-up of the band. Joining him and Frediablo were Frediablo’s brother Fug on guitar, Iscariah (formerly of Immortal) on bass guitar, Titta Tanni on drums and Mirai Kawashima of the Japanese black metal band Sigh on keyboards providing a different atmosphere than “Holocausto” but the choruses and big sounding crunch guitar remain.

It is difficult to single out a track that stands out the most on “Harvest” but the entire album seems to have taken the style of “Holocausto” and mashed it together with old Marilyn Manson and Type O Negative due to the eerily gothic vibe of the keyboards. My favorite songs on this one I’d have to say is a tie between “Dead Skin Slave” and “London (13 Demon Street)” It’s almost as if they took the theme from the old Tales From The Crypt television show and blended it with ruthless groove metal. Either way, I love it!!!!!!


Deadknife Records confirmed to co-host Tunnel to the Underground Vol.3!



Happy to announce that Deadknife Records contacted me today and would like to release Tunnel to the Underground VOL.3 on their net catalog.

Why is this so awesome? Cause! Deadknife Records is one of the original organizers and co host of the Tunnel Series. So it is awesome to have so many familiar faces on board this compilation, which is turning out to be MASSIVE.

Deadknife Records is a Net Label founded in 2006 by the musician Deadskin. It focuses on various electronic and experimental genres as well as various metal genres. And is fucking AWESOME.

So check out Deadknife Records HERE.


Sirona Records seeks the power of SATAN for new compilation.



Sirona Records posted plans for a new compilation earlier today on Facebook. It will be their 666th release and will be themed as such.

Sirona asks that you channel the power of Satan, to look deep down in your soul to find the darkness and violence, and then make them an awesome track for the comp.


– Track must be very violent or very dark. Genre accepted: Grindcore, Death Metal, Industrial, Harsh Noise, Dark Ambient, Drone, … every genres which can be related because of darkness and violence.
– Track theme must be related to Satan or something evil!
– Track must be mp3, 320kbps (only), I will not accept lower bitrate for this compilation!
– Maximum track length: 8 minutes. No minimum!
– Artists who have different pseudonyms can submit one track for each!
– I can reject your submission if I consider it’s not suffisantly violent, dark or not in the thematic!
– No deadline for the moment, the only one is the fact it will be of course Siro666!

Send your track to with the subject: “Siro666 – A Tribute To Satan” (if you don’t, you have some chance I lost your track somewhere).

Spread the words because as you know, more we on it and better it will be!


I know I will try to be involved with this.

We will keep you updated on any info that is leaked about this comp.

In the mean time, visit their website and the original article HERE.