Auto Pilot is back!


So while I was perusing through my facebook wall tonight, something jumped out at me and grabbed my attention.

One of my favorite local(ish) bands Auto Pilot had posted a video update stating that their new album was about finished and that they were tracking vocals.

I had NO IDEA they were working on a new album. I haven’t really checked their facebook page since 2015 and they had still been in a bit of a hiatus if I recall correctly. And we all know how terrible facebook is with making sure page content makes it to our wall feed.

Anyways, this news has got me pretty excited. Their last album, 2008’s “House of Sleep” is literally one of my favorite albums of all time. You can check it out on Spotify HERE.


Judging from everything I have been looking at tonight, the new album will be titled “Hidden Hand” and will hopefully be dropping sometime this year or early next year (not entirely sure of the exact date as of yet).

As an added bonus, they have been vlogging their creative process during the album’s production.

So yeah! Definitely expect me to be following up on this and sharing all the new morsels of info as they arrive. Really stoked that Auto Pilot is back.

Follow them on Facebook HERE.

Yo, can we talk about “Living Wall” for a sec?


When I think about Living Wall, Lovecraft comes to mind.

In most of Lovecraft’s stories, some poor fool discovers a disturbing cosmic revelation in which their brain can’t handle and they are driven into madness. I’m certain that if this madness was interpreted into audio form, you would have Living Wall.

Imagine a brutal heavy deathcore track. Now, imagine that same track sped up one hundred percent. NOW, imagine a wall of noise on top of that sped up deathcore song.

It’s fucking insanity.

I’m not usually a fan of noise, at least it’s not something I listen to leisurely. I have always admired it as an art form. However, there is something so good, so appealing lurking inside the Living Wall bandcamp that I find myself returning to it often to subject myself to the chaos. And I love every second of it.

Living Wall is the brain child of Jason Ryan Holmes II (Bong Rips for Jesus, Hypodermix Dreamer 1999, Mother Network, Amoebosis, Viscera Gel Productions, and about a hundred other projects. Jesus I can’t keep up with this fucking guy!)

The bandcamp sports two very short releases: The Breaking Wheel, and DEMO. Both of these releases combined doesn’t even reach a run time of ten minutes. In grindcore fashion, the “songs”  only run about thirty seconds to a minute. In fact, it would take you longer to read the track names than listening to the actual track, with names such as “Tincture of Silver and Lead Poured Meticulously Into the Captive Orifice Which Spoke So Ill Upon Thy House: Clogged and Pressurized Internal Toxic Suffocation”. But it all plays into the anxiety induced theme. The songs themselves are so incoherent and distorted that you can put these albums on loop, and just sit there until your head twists off your shoulders, and you wouldn’t know where the fucking thing starts or where it stops. (Trust me, I’ve done it.)

So, if you’re into that sick twisted shit, stop in and give the bandcamp a whirl. It’s awesome.


Potato Hate Explosion releases new album “Flowerviolence”


So earlier today the self described “one man spud-core powerhouse” Potato Hate Explosion self released a brand new album titled “Flowerviolence” (a play off power violence, duh)

Now you may be kind of caught up on the funny potato inspired project name.  I know I was until a few years back, until of course I pressed play on the music track.

Potato Hate Explosion produces quality, absolutely brutal, in your face metal. And even though I have only played four tracks off the new album so far,  Flowerviolence is just as great (and in many ways greater) as the previous albums.

This is by no means a review of the album, but as the music fills my ears at this very moment, I’m definitely giving Flowerviolence a serious headband of approval (cause yeah, fuck numbers, stars, and thumbs).

Now what to expect.

Like I said, brutal face melting, extreme metal. But also, expect the song to abruptly break into some sick trap beats coupled with classic video game esque segments, and some occasional ambient fillers.

Man this some seriously sick tuneage.

I’m going to sit here and thoroughly enjoy this. You go download Potato Hate Explosion’s new album Flowerviolence. You won’t regret it.

Sirona launches a MASSIVE playlist showcasing underground artists. (#underground #undergroundmusic #netlabel )




Sirona Records recently launched a new music player on their website, which features HUNDREDS of tracks from Sirona releases.

When I say hundreds, I mean 228 and counting. This playlist will likely grow massively in the coming weeks.

So do your self a favor, head on over to their website to access the endless showcase of underground talent.

New Sour Milk Theorem song is slow, heavy, and makes you ready to walk into the rain.

Sour Milk Theorem is a one man melodic metal band I have been following for many years now.

Any time SMT releases new music, IT IS REALLY GOOD.

This new song is no exception. IT IS REALLY GOOD.

Take a listen to “Waking To The Rain” on soundcloud now.

It is slow, heavy, and melodic.

Enjoy ❤

Follow Sour Milk Theorem on FACEBOOK and SOUNDCLOUD

Look for the new Sampler due out soon.

Sirona Records has a new mixtape out, and it’s brutal!

Sirona Records puts out a new Mix Tape every so often. The Mix Tapes are themed, usually with a collection of songs with similar genres. These songs are pulled from Sirona’s massive library of free releases, hand picked by our friend Arnaude (Owner of Sirona)


Mix Tape #7 features 22 songs that hail from various metal genreS. It even features five tracks from Tunnel to Underground Volumes 2 and 3.
Not to mention, it features a couple tracks from our very own Shovel Bums here in the Tunnel. (MirroriM, No Class Assassins, The Wretched Corpse Anatomy)
So throw it in the player and start punching holes through the wall right away.

To check out Sirona Records collection of Mix Tapes CLICK HERE <-

Juneva: Boston Funkcore? I can dig it.

Juneva, a self-proclaimed “Funkcore” band from the Boston area, have delivered an outstanding debut four-track EP. I’m really digging the sounds on this thing. The instrumentation is excellent and the vocals are utilized with great effect. There is a nice mix of clean singing and some screaming on here and they both sound awesome. Some members of this group were in a band that released one of my favorite EPs last year. Their band Storyteller disbanded to form this band. Check out their EP Sonne Lacuna here!

On to the Juneva release, A Cambiata!

This EP has some really fun guitar work. As a guitarist primarily, it is typically the first thing I listen for when getting into a new band. It didn’t disappoint me at all. Very melodic leads all over these four tracks that sound happy and make me want to move. This EP is littered with excellent chord progressions and it really shows. Despite being very active, I don’t think the guitar is too over-the-top. I really want to know what gear was used on this record, but I’d like to know. I know Tyler Dack, one of the guitarists, runs a 2-Channel Dual Rectifier. If that’s what I’m hearing, it sounds great. Juneva, get at my effects pedal blog and tell me your gear if you read this. Thanks in advance. hehe


The drums are fun and really add a lot of dynamic, they change up pretty regularly and are very tasteful. They are a big part of the overall vibe of the EP. I’d love to see them performed live. Now the vocals on this are really great and I think they give the band a good shot at doing pretty well. The clean singing really compliments the music and sounds awesome throughout the entire EP. The screaming is nice, and I can actually make out the lyrics which is always a plus. I really like when the vocals are blended together in spots. The vocals are in front of the mix a little more than I like, but not enough so that it bothers me. More so just a preference thing there. The mix overall is actually pretty solid. Everything is easily distinguishable and sounds clear. Kudos to the engineering and mixing.

Overall, I’m just really stoked that there is a band out there taking some of my favorite elements of bands like Dance Gavin Dance and making it more refined and even cohesive. This EP is super dancey and it’s really refreshing to hear from a small band. I really hope they stick together for a while and make plenty of other releases, I think they could do great things. Don’t sleep on this EP, because it’s fucking great. It’s also name your price, so you have no excuse to check it out!!

Check out Juneva’s pages listed below for more information and stay in contact with them.

Juneva’s Facebook

Juneva’s Twitter

Juneva’s Bandcamp

Thanks for reading!

-Komrade Karebear