Sirona Records has a new mixtape out, and it’s brutal!

Sirona Records puts out a new Mix Tape every so often. The Mix Tapes are themed, usually with a collection of songs with similar genres. These songs are pulled from Sirona’s massive library of free releases, hand picked by our friend Arnaude (Owner of Sirona)


Mix Tape #7 features 22 songs that hail from various metal genreS. It even features five tracks from Tunnel to Underground Volumes 2 and 3.
Not to mention, it features a couple tracks from our very own Shovel Bums here in the Tunnel. (MirroriM, No Class Assassins, The Wretched Corpse Anatomy)
So throw it in the player and start punching holes through the wall right away.

To check out Sirona Records collection of Mix Tapes CLICK HERE <-


New Net-Label “Murder Gore Records” launches, re-releases Tunnel to the Underground Volumes 1-3+666 ( #netlabels #undergroundmusic )


Earlier this week I learned that Justin Lefebvre (Deadskin, DJ R3v3r3nd Murd3r, Deadknife Records ) was launching a new Net Label called: Murder Gore Records.

I was pleased to learn that every Tunnel to the Underground comp to date would be  co-hosted on the label’s new catalog!

Very exciting news. Go check out Murder Gore Records new catalog HERE.

A big thanks to Justin Lefebvre! for his continued support of the Tunnel to the Underground.

This Week’s Vol.3 Download Numbers are In!

Tunnel CoverIt’s hard to believe that it’s only been two weeks since Tunnel to the Underground Vol.3 was released. It feels like a month to me.

So far we have four labels co-hosting this brilliant and massive collection. We still expect to see three more labels to upload it within the next couple weeks. I personally will be uploading the comp to Ductape Smile‘s Bancamp catalog.

So anyways, Since the release of Vol.3, the compilation has been downloaded a total of 6,668 times.

Not to shabby eh?

A special thanks to all the labels!

Tune in next week for more numbers.

Tunnel to the Underground VOL.3 Now available on Torn Flesh Records & Sirona Records (Includes Bonus Track)

Happy to announce that both Torn Flesh Records and Sirona Records have released Tunnel to the Underground Vol.3 on their catalogs.

These versions also include a 122nd track that could not be uploaded into the Bandcamp version. So go and download it!

Together we dig the tunnel.

Click on the logo to be redirected to their Archive Release.



The Tunnel Proudly Presents: Tunnel to the Underground VOL.3!

Tunnel Cover

Well, it’s been eight whole months, but without further delay, Tunnel to the Underground proudly presents to you: TUNNEL TO THE UNDERGROUND VOL.3!

This is a MASSIVE compilation that features 122 tracks from over 70 artists from different genres. It starts here, and will continue to grow as it is released by various Net Labels through out the world. ANY NET LABEL OR LABEL CAN DOWNLOAD AND RE-RELEASE THIS COMPILATION FREELY!

Keep checking back to this page to see the lists of labels grow in number. Links to each labels version of the release will be listed here. LET’S MAKE THIS BIG.

Okay, enough chit chat, you might want to put on some headphones and dedicate a few hours to this, it’s a doozy.





 STREAM AND DOWNLOAD HERE! [TRF742] (Features Bonus Track #122)


STREAM AND DOWNLOAD HERE! [Siro662] (Features Bonus Track #122)


STREAM AND DOWNLOAD HERE [Dead05333] (Features Bonus Track #122)


STREAM AND DOWNLOAD HERE [MGR003] (Features Bonus Track #122)

Deadknife Records confirmed to co-host Tunnel to the Underground Vol.3!



Happy to announce that Deadknife Records contacted me today and would like to release Tunnel to the Underground VOL.3 on their net catalog.

Why is this so awesome? Cause! Deadknife Records is one of the original organizers and co host of the Tunnel Series. So it is awesome to have so many familiar faces on board this compilation, which is turning out to be MASSIVE.

Deadknife Records is a Net Label founded in 2006 by the musician Deadskin. It focuses on various electronic and experimental genres as well as various metal genres. And is fucking AWESOME.

So check out Deadknife Records HERE.


Sirona Records seeks the power of SATAN for new compilation.



Sirona Records posted plans for a new compilation earlier today on Facebook. It will be their 666th release and will be themed as such.

Sirona asks that you channel the power of Satan, to look deep down in your soul to find the darkness and violence, and then make them an awesome track for the comp.


– Track must be very violent or very dark. Genre accepted: Grindcore, Death Metal, Industrial, Harsh Noise, Dark Ambient, Drone, … every genres which can be related because of darkness and violence.
– Track theme must be related to Satan or something evil!
– Track must be mp3, 320kbps (only), I will not accept lower bitrate for this compilation!
– Maximum track length: 8 minutes. No minimum!
– Artists who have different pseudonyms can submit one track for each!
– I can reject your submission if I consider it’s not suffisantly violent, dark or not in the thematic!
– No deadline for the moment, the only one is the fact it will be of course Siro666!

Send your track to with the subject: “Siro666 – A Tribute To Satan” (if you don’t, you have some chance I lost your track somewhere).

Spread the words because as you know, more we on it and better it will be!


I know I will try to be involved with this.

We will keep you updated on any info that is leaked about this comp.

In the mean time, visit their website and the original article HERE.