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PORTALOne major goal of this blog is: to create a network with similar blogs that exist in the depths of the underground. Over time, we will use this page to assemble a list of cool blogs worth your while. Check out the portal below.


cropped-sucksYeah I know it Sucks is a GREAT Blog that focuses on reviewing net and underground releases. Various people write reviews, and they pump them out in numbers. Check it out!

FUCKYEAHFUCK YEAH EFFECTS PEDALS! Is a blog that focuses on the large variety of effects pedals used in this music crazy world, the creators of such devices, and doubles as kind of a gear tech forum. Effect pedals are serious biz in all genres of the underground, so check this blog out!


The Druids Garden is a really cool alternative lifestyle blog. You will find all kinds of nature oriented blog articles spanning from permiculture, gardening tips, and Druidry. It’s very DIY based and will get your thumb greener in no time.


FEAR OF A BLANK PLANET is an awesome new insightful blog about cannabis, and all of it’s related topics.

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