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What is Tunnel to the Underground?
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Tunnel to the Underground started as a series of music compilations that included various artists from all over the underground. These comps were assembled by net labels (Kitty on Fire Records, Tornflesh Records) and distributed freely on various archive.org catalogs. For a list of past and present compilation, visit our COMPILATIONS.


Tunnel to the Underground is a concept more than it is a format. It can and has taken form in multiple media outlets. This concept is: to shed light on underground artists of all mediums. Currently Tunnel to the Underground is operating as a news blog and a publication organizer (compilations). We are currently in the process of assembling a team to help write for the blog and organize future collaborations and publications.

THE SHOVEL BUMS (aka Contributors)

What is a Shovel Bum?

Wikipedia says that Shovel Bum is a term used by some archaeologists in the United States to refer to the professional excavators on cultural resource management projects. Or in laymen terms: THE DUDES/WOMEN THAT BUST THEIR ASS DIGGING FOR DINOSAUR BONES/CLAYPOTS WITH A SHOVEL!

We have stolen that term and are using it to describe those who dig the Tunnel to the Underground.

*** The views expressed in the posts of Tunnel to the Underground are solely those of the credited writer, and do not represent the opinions of the rest of the Shovel Bums or Tunnel to the Underground as a whole. ***

Justin Thomas Squires (justinthomassquires)577224_10202204175289658_447864745_n

Hailing from Port Huron MI, Justin is the former owner of the net label Kitty on Fire Records (2008-2011). He started Dark Forest Media in 2011 as a means to publish his own work. Currently, he makes music under the monikers “Master Toad” and “The Wretched Corpse Anatomy“. He also pursues his interests in film writing and directing. Justin is a blog enthusiast, and started this blog as a hobby, hoping others would jump aboard and help him create a good source for underground news.

Jay Crimson (noclassjay3x)Untitled

Jay Crimson is the vocalist of Hardcore Metal band No Class Assassins (2009-Present) from Saint Clair County, MI. He hosts his own podcast radio show “No Class Radio” on Spreaker.com. Crimson is also a part time paranormal investigator with Black River Paranormal and has plans to direct his own horror films. He is big into music (metal, hardcore punk), Pro-wrestling and is quite the horror film buff. From 2004-2006, Jay Crimson was an underground competitor in the “TCW” (Total Chaos Wrestling) promotion out of Saint Clair County and has had multiple bouts in hometown areas as well as Detroit, MI under the pseudonym “The Crimson Ghost” from his love of (Horror-Punk band) The Misfits.

Korey Bartos (komradekarebear)62825_165724923442108_5826470_n 

Korey resides deep in the wilderness of Northern Michigan. He runs Fuck Yeah Effects Pedals and is an avid collector of music gear and has been flipping guitar gear for over eight years now. Having owned a slew of different guitars, amps, and pedals; Korey has a multitude of gear knowledge and loves helping other musicians find their tone. He is currently focusing on being a drummer and he’s hoping to start a stoner doom band and a ska band soon. Though, his real passion for drummer lies in R&B and Hip Hop. A side from music he enjoys slam poetry, film, photography, and drawing. He spends a lot of time alone reading and exploring the wilderness that surrounds him.

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