Tunnel Tips: Balancing Priority and Passion (Part 2)

So In my last post I talked a little bit about the balancing act between work and passion, and how using time management helped me face my fears and accomplish my goals.

In this post I am going to touch on some effective time management techniques I have been using lately. I will also talk a bit about keeping that brain of yours upbeat and healthy.

Okay so the very first step taken in my time management regimen was tackling the wake/sleep schedule demon.


Being an insomniac most of my life, my most manic and creative moments came late at night when the rest of the world shut down. This was always frustrating, especially because of my desire to work with others on projects.

It also added to my fear of having a solid job. Waking up early for work sounded like a nightmare to me.

Changing this mentality was key to time management.

If you’re like me then you might like sleep a little too much. Staying up all night and sleeping 12 hours into the afternoon won’t get you anywhere. You wake up a slug and typically remain one until the night when you magically transform into a wise owl.


The first thing you have to do is fall out of love with sleep.

Instead of smothering yourself with sleep you need to take only as much as you need to function. This can be anywhere from 6-8 hours.

You also have to try and get a solid sleep. So take some time at night and settle yourself down.

Take a shower. Put on some comfy clothes. Avoid things that make you active or anything that triggers critical thinking. Shut down.

Now personally I sought to do the whole 9-5 routine so that I could be productive during the day hours. So I hit the sack around midnight and wake around seven or eight.

Next step in time management is a simple yet effective tool called the calender.


Tools like a calender help you visualize your day and helps you plan ahead. The calender has helped me immensely.

Make plans? Write it down. Want to set a goal? Write it down. Do something special on that day? Write it down so you can look back.

I save my calenders and put them into a time capsule. This way I can look back to figure out when I did certain things, or you can simply look back and reminisce.

It beats letting several non productive months pass you by. It sucks wondering what you did to pass the time.

You can take it up a level and get yourself a planner as well. Most of us have the tools right on our phones. Which is awesome because you always have your tool with you.


When I write something on my calender I copy it to my phone and visa versa. So my desk calender serves as home base and my phone is my travel buddy.

Next crucial step to time management is planning ahead.

One thing that really messed my head up was waking up wondering what I should do with my day. It kind of stops you dead in your tracks. It also takes time to figure out an effective plan of action.

I solved this problem by keeping a daily log.

At the end of the night before I cool down for bed I write an entry in my log.

In this log I recap my achievements for the day. I write down any lessons I learned. And I list my goals for the following day so I can wake up with a plan of action.


If I know what hour my event is taking place on the following day then I punch it into my phones planner.

Now you must keep in mind that nothing ever goes according to plan. So try and not to be too ocd about any of these tips. You have to be organic and bend with the wind. But it never hurts to have a little direction.

So I am going to wrap this blog up here. In my next blog I will touch on keeping that brain of yours up beat while you adventure through life’s challenges.


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