Tips and tricks: balancing priority and passion part 1

I struggled balancing my passion for art with having a day job for the longest time.

I had a great fear that working long hours at a day job would drain me of all passion and energy, and would hinder my creative ability.

So I avoided a good job like one would avoid a sickness or an anoying neighbor.

What usually happened as a result was actually the opposite of what I was after.

I became stressed. Not being able to make ends meat took more energy out of me than working a job would have. So usually it always ended the same. Me all depressed working neither with art or labor.

So I would find myself a crummy job just to get by and neglect my artist ambition. Because let’s face it. A lot of my ambitions required a little bit of cash.

So what changed? Did I find a way around this dilema?


Its called time management.

I learned that there is plenty enough time in my day to do a little of both as long as I was on the ball.

I put this theory to the test when I worked full time at my job and edited a feature length movie at the same time.

What I soon found out was that having a good job and effective time management skills actually increased my ambition to make art on my free time. Not only that, I now had a little extra cash to put money into my projects allowing me to take my body of work a little further.

Anyways I thought I would share this exciting developement with my friends in the underground since a lot of us struggle with this issue.

Just believe in your passion and push forward.

I will be posting another blog with some time management tips and tips to keep that brain healthy. Until then.


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