Juneva: Boston Funkcore? I can dig it.

Juneva, a self-proclaimed “Funkcore” band from the Boston area, have delivered an outstanding debut four-track EP. I’m really digging the sounds on this thing. The instrumentation is excellent and the vocals are utilized with great effect. There is a nice mix of clean singing and some screaming on here and they both sound awesome. Some members of this group were in a band that released one of my favorite EPs last year. Their band Storyteller disbanded to form this band. Check out their EP Sonne Lacuna here!

On to the Juneva release, A Cambiata!

This EP has some really fun guitar work. As a guitarist primarily, it is typically the first thing I listen for when getting into a new band. It didn’t disappoint me at all. Very melodic leads all over these four tracks that sound happy and make me want to move. This EP is littered with excellent chord progressions and it really shows. Despite being very active, I don’t think the guitar is too over-the-top. I really want to know what gear was used on this record, but I’d like to know. I know Tyler Dack, one of the guitarists, runs a 2-Channel Dual Rectifier. If that’s what I’m hearing, it sounds great. Juneva, get at my effects pedal blog and tell me your gear if you read this. fuckyeaheffectspedals.tumblr.com Thanks in advance. hehe


The drums are fun and really add a lot of dynamic, they change up pretty regularly and are very tasteful. They are a big part of the overall vibe of the EP. I’d love to see them performed live. Now the vocals on this are really great and I think they give the band a good shot at doing pretty well. The clean singing really compliments the music and sounds awesome throughout the entire EP. The screaming is nice, and I can actually make out the lyrics which is always a plus. I really like when the vocals are blended together in spots. The vocals are in front of the mix a little more than I like, but not enough so that it bothers me. More so just a preference thing there. The mix overall is actually pretty solid. Everything is easily distinguishable and sounds clear. Kudos to the engineering and mixing.

Overall, I’m just really stoked that there is a band out there taking some of my favorite elements of bands like Dance Gavin Dance and making it more refined and even cohesive. This EP is super dancey and it’s really refreshing to hear from a small band. I really hope they stick together for a while and make plenty of other releases, I think they could do great things. Don’t sleep on this EP, because it’s fucking great. It’s also name your price, so you have no excuse to check it out!!

Check out Juneva’s pages listed below for more information and stay in contact with them.

Juneva’s Facebook

Juneva’s Twitter

Juneva’s Bandcamp

Thanks for reading!

-Komrade Karebear


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