This is Jay with a coroner’s report once again to tell you about my first upcoming short movie. “GREEN HELL: A JAY CRIMSON FILM” is a short film that dives back into the 80’s-style direction with , offbeat humor and grainy film. I also wanted something to resemble the old-school VCR cassette era of retro-horror; (Motel Hell -1980, The Toxic Avenger -1984) Only my movie would have some purposeful & actual classic VCR tape “malfunctions” like the wrinkled film effect, static shots, out of focus clips and what not. I figured it would be somewhat original and make fellow crazies want to give it a glimpse as well. I’ve always wanted to make movies ever since I was just a little shithead 🙂 Me and a circle of friends filmed the footage in the winter of 2007 and ever since early summer of 2013 started editing it. The reason for that is not having the proper equipment and multiple transition periods in life. I started the blogging right here in Tunnel To The Underground and was introduced to these blogs by Justin Thomas Squires, who is a main blogger in the Tunnel. He mentioned a short film he created titled, “Fear The Living” and I thought it was great. More chatting came about between us and he agreed to help me paste together the old scenes with a newfangled look & approach to my footage.


“GREEN HELL: A JAY CRIMSON FILM” will have a first showing FRIDAY OCT 25th @ 9pm and once again at 11pm. The showings will be at SEEKERS SHOW-BAR 3301 24th St in PORT HURON MI. Admission is just $1. You will have the option of getting face-painted if you feel the need to get in the Halloween spirit that night as well as free popcorn and refreshments. We are looking forward to seeing you there.



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