Tools of the Trade: Accessibility is my inner child’s best friend. ( #art )

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When I was a kid, I used to dream of making media. Be it comics, stories, movies, you name it. I wanted nothing more than to mimic all the wonderful pieces of media that I was surrounded by.

I would dream of having access to the tools used to create such awesome pieces of work. And I would try my hardest to make use of the tools that I did have access too.

Back then, in the early and mid 90’s, it was an old video camera, a home alone talk boy audio cassette recorder, and pen and paper.

Comic books was a big one for me. I always had my own comic “company”, and would draw violent comics all day. I was heavily inspired by my favorite series Spawn, and it’s creator Todd McFarlane. Usually I would get my younger brothers to make comics with me in our company, and once I even convinced a group of kids at school to join my comic company, in which I paid for their labors with a handful of pennies.

I just wanted to create, and I dreamed big. Really big. I day dreamed and reenacted  what my hollywood block buster movies were going to be like, and I planned and schemed my concepts for video games. Once, I mentally created a series of video games for over eight years, that had a total of nine different games in it’s saga.

And the entire time, from the age of five until I was a young adult, I just dreamed of what I would do with the proper tools to create such things.

As I grew older, things started to change.

The internet and computer technologies were progressing at rapid rates.

Now, in 2013, any tool I desire to create my art is easily accessible.

The computer has made most of this possible.

Recording and editing software of all kinds are within a few mouse clicks of reach.

Now a days, it’s like this. You wanna make a movie? You wanna make a comic? You want to make a video game? You want to write a book? You want to record a record?


Some time’s I can see myself as a child, looking forward to all the things I have access to now. I can see the young and excited youth with sparkles in his eyes, drooling in excitement. Some times, it’s remembering the passion I had as a kid that keeps me going still today. I do it for him, I do it for me.

This passion is also what drives me to inspire and help others. That’s what this whole Tunnel to the Underground concept has always been about. I can almost see the inner child in all my fellow artists, just trying to create the things that give them inspiration.

One goal of mine with the Tunnel is to make sure people understand just how accessible the tools are. If you look toward the top of this blog, you will see a tab on the site directory that says FREE RESOURCES FOR ARTISTS. It is a slow going list, but I am trying to fill it up with free programs, open source programs, inspirational articles and videos, and anything else that can be used to further creativity.

Please, take a look at the list, and comment on this article if there is a resource you think should be added to the list.

I will end this article with a cool video that always gives me inspiration, from our good friend John Carpenter.



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