Creators of Anodyne announce new game: Even the Ocean.

This year I was introduced to a gem that goes by the name of Anodyne.
















Anodyne is an indie developed game that was introduced to me on the pirate bay, when it was being promo’d as a free download. After watching the trailer I downloaded this game immediately, and I have been in love with it ever since.














The game is rich in atmosphere, and has great gameplay. It plays like a classic SNES Zelda game. It was hard to believe that the game was put together by a two man team. Two college students slaved on it for a year or more.

Since the game’s pirate bay promo, it has gone on to be green lit by Steam’s  Green Light for indie game developers, and it has crossed over to several platforms. It was a well deserved success story.

This is why I am psyched at the news that the duo is at it again with another game. They took to their facebook announced they were working on a game titled “Even the Ocean.” Further details were posted in their development blog. Here is the description:

An adventure, action-platforming-with-little-to-no-killing game set in both a sparsely human-settled dream world, and a present-day urban setting.
You are Aliph, a member of a repair team, balancing your internal energies and maintaining your town’s power sources, located in natural and constructed structures throughout the world – canyons, excavated caves, etc.

Aliph’s world is located within the reoccurring dream of Even, a woman whose life will be followed for a short period of time, in conjunction with Aliph’s adventure.

In Even the Ocean, the balancing of two energy types replaces a health bar for the exploration of  Aliph’s world – where Aliph is armed with nothing but a shield, whereas Even’s gameplay is more explicit-narrative-driven, and confined to areas around her home. The game is framed in a 2D, sidescrolling perspective.

It’s been hard to think of a precise comparison to other games, but we are trying to go for the flow-through-stages like Mega Man X, exploratory nature of Metroids (large platforming areas), FF-like world maps, even Maple Story in a sense there – but with a passive nature like Knytt – not really fighting, but moreso surviving.

It…sounds…AWESOME! Definitely looking forward to all of the above!

For those of you who have yet to check out the gold that is Anodyne you can do so by visiting THIS WEBSITE which features all the download options.

You can follow Anodyne on FACEBOOK HERE and you can follow Even the Ocean on FACEBOOK HERE.

And you can follow their Development Blog HERE.

We will be sure to keep you updated on further developments.


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