Hey, what’s new people? Welcome to another edition of CRIMSON’S CORONER! I just figured I would talk about a killer metal festival that’s celebrating it’s 10th year this fall, known only as DM3 FEST 2013!

DM3DM3 FEST started as a get together for metal-heads and punk rockers to hang out and get buzzed up while sitting by a bonfire listening to live bands play. The festival, now in it’s 10th year, started up known as RUBY FEST and this year promises to be even better than the last.

My band, No Class Assassins played DM3 in 2009 and 2010 and it has been one of the funnest things about labor day weekend. National bands such as Vampire Moose, Incantation, The Meatmen, Jungle Rot and more have graced the DM3 stage and numerous local bands from the Michigan area come to perform, as well as various other out-of-state metal/punk bands. This year, bands such as Kill Whitey, The Convalescence, The Black Order, All Ends Black, From Blue To Gray, A Sleepless Malice, Coffin Witch, Sodomized Monkeys, After The Minor, Transcending Fate, Halstatt and Full Strike Frenzy will be performing over the 3-day span.

No Class Assassins will be performing on day #1 this year (Fri Aug 30th) at 8pm following Venomous Walrus from Ohio. Kill Whitey from Detroit will be following No Class Assassins at 845-9pm so we will be in good company. No Class Assassins will also be selling tickets to DM3 FEST 2013 for $15 a ticket. Each ticket is good for the entire festival. That means if you have to go home to take care of something and you want to come back to see a certain band that same night or a different day during the 3-day weekend….you can leave and come back as you please, as long as you are wearing the official DM3 bracelet. All you have to do is text me or leave a voice-mail @ (810) 334-9864 and I will get back to you and make sure you get your ticket!

Here are some videos shot on site at DM3 Festivals of past years. I thought it was important to give you more of an incite on what it’s like at a DM3 festival, because there is a percentage of people who overlook it. That, in my opinion, is a big mistake if you are near Michigan and in the areas…or you want to travel to come to DM3 FEST….you WILL have fun!


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