Tooth_Eye – Lost In Onnet Town, USA

All kinds of goodness.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

artist: Tooth_Eye
title: Lost In Onnet Town, USA
cat: Siro102
keywords: Noise , experimental, breakcore
label: Sirona Records

Without any hesitation it is time to get lost in the sound of Tooth_Eye and friends. The first track ‘Funimation Freeform Follies’ is a jolly cut up of japanese manga stuff that gets a bit dark and nicely fuzzy at the end with playful sounds that would fit nice as music for a horror movie with little children being the slayers of mayhem.

The second track is a Tooth_Eye Remix of a original work by the legendary spoken word, avant-garde story telling hero ‘Sid Yiddish’.
The epic synthesizer strings that fill the air with sophisticated drama, lift up the story of Sid perfectly. Some asthmatic sounding attacks are also making a appearance, just to keep you on your toes and focused.

Tooth_Eye gives its own spin to a track of ‘Evil…

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