Help Save Laetitia! ( #lgbt #petition #laetitia )


First thing I noticed when I awoke this afternoon was an outcry from my fellow underground artists, who are concerned about the deportation of a woman named Laetitia .

There is a petition going around on that is aimed at changing the Swedish migration boards mind. Here is the whole story from the page itself.MZgPMDRYxVqXbay-556x313-noPad

Laetitia is a woman with trans background from Russia. In Russia, she faced harassment and violence on a daily basis. She was treated inhumanely in the police station, beaten up and urinated on by the officers. She sought asylum in Sweden three years ago. She fears that violence, spearheaded by Russian government towards LGBT people will continue upon her return to Russia. Moreover, she is active in LGBT movement, promoting normalization of trans people. New Russian laws hinder her activism to the point that she will face huge fines while being completely excluded from daily life. But Swedish Migration Board rejected her asylum. By deporting her back, Sweden wants to put her in the situation when she can be killed or forced to commit suicide. Please sign this petition to support Laetitia’s fight for asylum and to make Swedish Migration Board understand the danger that LGBT people face in countries like Russia.

This petition has already almost reached it’s goal, and only needs a few more signatures. So please, let us help a fellow underground artist be happy in life, and sign the petition. DO SO BY VISITING THIS LINK.

Laetitia is an active member of the underground community. She has released plenty of material under the names iky iky, and Ars Sonor. Let’s hope that she can continue to live in a place where she is not mis treated for being herself, and that she continues to make music from this place for our ears.

Good Luck Laetitia.

You can check out some of her music HERE.


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