Tunnel Tips & Tricks: QR Codes as a Marketing Solution

I plan on writing a series of advice columns for artists that lurk in the underground. In these columns I plan on sharing tips, tricks, and tools to help artists with their craft.

So, I am going to start here with my first column. The subject of today is: QR CODES!


You have probably seen these codes around alot lately. They are pretty nifty and open all kinds of doors. And THEY ARE FREEEEE! Which is pretty important in the underground world of starving artists.

QR codes are for phones and tablets with QR code reading apps. Alot of people are running around with smart phone and tablets these days. This makes it a little easier to reach out to people.

Using these QR codes, you can link people to: websites, social media such as facebook & twitter, songs, or pretty much anything you can think of as long as it’s on the internet.

This is HUGE in terms of self promo. Instead of people having to remember web addresses by writing them down or trying to keep track of a flyer, people can now scan and go. No waiting, just BAM they are looking at your content.

Talk about convenient.

You can get creative as fuck with them too.

For example: you can put them on your flyers, you can put them on your album art, on posters. You can print them off on stickers and post them in random places (not that we encourage vandalism… ) You could print them on TShirts. The possibilities are endless.

QR codes closes the gap and makes your content more accessible to potential fans or clients. More times than not, people will choose convenience. And boy are QR codes convenient.

Did I mention that you can make them for free? Here is the website I use to make mine. It is pretty cool and very customize-able. SCAN.ME 

Now go and code your little hearts out.


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