Microbit Project – Electro-Flopper

Love me some Floppy Disc

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Microbit Project
title: Electro-Flopper
format: Floppy Diskette
keywords: quirky lobit techno
label: Diskette Etikette Records http://www.disketteetikette.tk

Between a pile of socks there was something of a legendary release hidden. One of the first floppy disk releases from the catalogue of Diskette Etikette Records. The legendary front cover was featuring a scene from wolvenstein 3D including pixelgun and some pixel body’s with blood. Above all stand the name that is equal  for quality; ‘Microbit Project’. One of my favorite projects by artist Evgenij Kharitonov from Russia, who has mastered almost every possible music style you could think off, organizes festivals, loves bikes and is a great poet! With this little floppy he focusses as only he could do on a genre on its own. ‘Electro Flopper’ is such a goody that you simply can’t stop smiling while listening to the content. It’s like a golden nugget in a pile…

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