Black River Paranormal is a paranormal investigation group based in Southeast Michigan that I have been a guest investigator on in numerous hunts from around 2008 to current time. Me being involved in all this started with myself and founding member of B.R.P. Jim Anderson, in our past paranormal group we both helped put together….’Paranormal Investigators Anonymous’ from 2006-2008.


P.I.A. GHOSTHUNTERS (above) 2006-2008 (members included Jim Anderson, David Vranish, Jay Shurkey, Dave Kelsey, Mark Schmidt and guest members Elise Root, Chris Stotler, Miranda Warshefski-Lyons…etc)

Hunts can range from abandoned houses and allegedly haunted locations to back-roads and older cemeteries. If you are experiencing paranormal activity and are considering having a paranormal group conduct an investigation at your residence, business or property, please completely research the group you are considering.  Never contact a group that charges for their services, it should always be free due to the fact that the whole outlook on the paranormal is still at a word-wide skeptical level.  You are the client, if you don’t feel comfortable with what the group is doing….tell them to stop or make them leave.  Some groups are only in it for the evidence (although it is a great thing!) and not to help the client.

Be careful of people claiming to have degrees in “paranormal studies” as well because there are no accredited colleges that currently offer this study.


If you would like to schedule an investigation please click on the Schedule Investigation link on the Black River Paranormal menu, another window will open and there is an e-mail form you can fill out and send to and/or email

I have always been interested in perusing the field of nationwide ghost-hunting if given the opportunity. Black River Paranormal has a vast collection of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (E.V.P.s) and are equipped with Infrared Scope Camcorders.  I am a big fan of the EMF Detector (Electromagnetic Field) that measures magnetic fields in the air that has long been associated with spiritual activities.

Another vital asset to these ghosthunting groups has been the help and participation of psychic medium and paranormal expert, Debi Chestnut. Debi has been on numerous investigations with P.I.A. and B.R.P.  and has published a few books. I have had the privilege of meeting Debi and went on a few hunts with her as well as a book signing.


The most that I have experienced and/or have been a part of when it comes to the paranormal was a few pretty convincing photos, strange and unusual noises and voices on an audio recording during a hunt I was personally a part of. All I know for certain is that Black River Paranormal are determined to search and find, prove or disprove. Please take a look at the site and they will keep you posted for updates.                                                                                                                          – JDS


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