Sirona hits home with a couple awesome dreamy electro releases

When it comes to electronic style releases, you are going to hear me talk alot about video games, anime, and movies. Why? Because I am a huge nerd, and when I look for good electronic music, I try to listen to work that reminds me of such things.

Thus, I want to share some brief thoughts on a couple cool releases I have been madly in love with this week from our friend Sirona Records.

First of all I would like to talk about the album “Another Emotion” by the electro pop group Material Action.

Cover (1) I really dig this album. The entire first half of the album made me feel like I was in a dream, but the dream was happening in the 80’s. It was very reminiscent of 80’s pop. The 80’s vibe kind of dis appears after a while and the album carries on with music I would expect to hear in a good video game or anime. The progression of the album is awesome. I literally liked each song better thAn the next. And the last two songs were my favorite. I have to say, I LOVE the last two songs (In the Dark, The Window.)

Anyways, great album worth your time.

Stream it and download it HERE and check out Material Action HERE.

Next up, we are going to talk about The Industrialism’s “Surrealistic Cityscapes”.


Now this album is pretty cool. I only had to listen to it once, and it left a powerful vibe over me. This album is very dream like as well. In fact, the entire album opens with some dude talking about a dream that worried him.

This album is more like a bad dream though (in a good way). What I mean by that is that it carries some very dark vibes, and deals with some very mature subject matter. It’s kind of like listening to a R rated Noir film. Very unique beats are carried along by some dark pads and ambiance noises. There are also various soundclips of people having sex, a woman talking about an assault that took place involving a crowbar, ect.

It’s all like a very dark dream, and I love it. Check it out.

You can stream and download it HERE and you can check out The Industrialism HERE.

So anyway, nice job Sirona! You succeeded in putting me in a trance this week, and introduced me to a couple new groups I will be keeping an eye on.

Check out Sirona Records HERE.

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