Fuck the Facts Fuck the System.

I’m not going to go into to much detail about Fuck the Facts newest EP to be released in June because a.)They are signed to a Indie Record Label (Relapse Records) and b.)They get enough coverage as it is by much bigger blogs. So they do not really fit the criteria for my KEEP IT UNDERGROUND rule. BUT I do want to touch on a couple things I find pretty exciting about the band’s aesthetics.

Aesthetically Fuck the Facts are Underground as fuck.

Even though they are signed to a label, they still take the time to self produce alot of their own material. Using their own moneys, they are going to release their newest EP “Amer” as a limited Vinyl (Fuck Yes), limited release Cassette (Fuck Yes), and as a digital download.

I find this awesome. And it is not out of character, this is something Fuck the Facts has been doing since the bands inception. They keep it very self reliant in terms of production. It is something I look up to as an underground artist.

I am super excited about this EP, since Die Miserable is one of my all time favorite albums period. And judging by how killer the two singles have been, Amer will probably have a similar effect on me.

So anyway, I am super excited to hear all of this EP. I plan on getting ahold



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