Toxic Chicken And Pollux – Prolific Bunnies (MBR-194)

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artists: Toxic Chicken & Pollux
Title: Prolific Bunnies
Label: Microbit-Records
Cat#: MBR-194
Keywords: Lobit Downtempo, Underground Chill, IDM
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

AH, so hungry! I pulled into the internet diner in my cyber-SAAB and requested Toxic Chicken with a generous side of Pollux — which I envision as like, this globule of lime jello with maybe bits of broccoli and peas suspended within it. My unseen chefs must have been fucking like rabbits in the kitchen when they were cooking it up, as I found a hare on my plate! It looks delicious though, so I perhaps I’ll try a bite…

… the first taste of Toxic Chicken, called ‘The Misunderstood Prolific Artist’, had some really pretty micro-synth melodies. Shiny, they sparkled in the mouth like pop rocks, nourished like water from a crystal spring. Then there was a low sound-burp of vocals, gummy with an aftertaste like spaghetti.


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