REVIEW: Recollecting a modern classic from Orville Wilcox

Assembling Tunnel to the Underground Vol.3 has proved to be a daunting task. So I decided to take a quick break and share a long over due review.

The album I would like to take a moment to review is Orville Wilcox’s “Recollections.”


Recollections is almost two years old now. What’s funny is that the last time I listened to it heavily was around the same time I was assembling my last net release for Kitty on Fire: Tunnel to the Underground Vol.2.

What can I say about this album?

It’s amazing to say the least. In the past four years I have heard MANY releases come out of the underground. But releases of this quality are few and far between. Recollections is an ambient MASTERPIECE.

What makes Recollections so good?

The atmosphere. This album is pure atmosphere.

As a whole, the album is very ethereal. It’s not really busy, very simple, using an assortment of pads.

Listening to it is like traveling through a series of phantom like worlds. Some of these worlds are subtle and even relaxing at times. Other worlds are dark, ominous, and leave you with feelings of hopelessness and melancholy.

Yes it is that powerful.

Very few pieces of media have managed to strike such emotional chords with me. I urge everyone to take the trip and give Recollections a listen. A great album to smoke some of the shire’s finest weed and relax and space out to. Some of my favorite tracks are: The White Ship, Radiant City, and Metallic Trilobite Colony. But I recommend you give it all a listen.

I give Recollections 3 out of 4 Lanterns



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