Two albums that I have really been listening to lately are Necrophagia’s “Holocausto De La Morte” and “Harvest Ritual: Vol 1”. Both are underground death metal classics in my opinion. Anyone who likes dark, aggressive and groovy, horror-based Metal will totally dig these masterpieces! I first heard Necrophagia when I was dating some psychotic chick from Port Huron and she had a shirt and the “Holocausto” record. When she put it on I was totally into it! Super fucking heavy guitar and very creepy feel! The sound clips from Italian horror-gore film director Lucio Fulci movies does a nice job of bringing atmosphere to the hellish as fuck 8 tracks and they are obviously inspired and pay endless tribute to the godfather of gore’s numerous horror films. I am a huge Fulci fan myself and that definitely attributes to me loving these albums. Both records do a great job of creating heavy grooves while maintaining a level of catchy rhythms, good choruses and vocals like a dirty satanic troll sitting in a slime-pit in Hades!

HOLOCAUSTO CD  necrophagiaharvest2

Necrophagia “Holocausto De La Morte” (1998) is an epic tale of death, blood lust, possession, ghosts and satanism. It is Necrophagia’s third full length studio album and first with “Anton Crowley” AKA Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Down, Superjoint Ritual) on guitars. The group was formed in Wellsville, Ohio in 1983 and is known as being one of the first bands to be classified as death metal. The group was founded by vocalist Frank “Killjoy” Pucci. The band name is derived from the act of cannibalizing, or eating a corpse; the word is crafted from the two Greek words nekron (corpse) and phagein (to eat).

The songs that stand out to me on “Holocausto” is “The Cross Burns Black” due to around the 3:50 mark where the most killer breakdown I’ve ever heard in a metal song hits the track! When the drums kick in its like none other, I’m telling ya. Makes me want to rip out someone’s heart!!!!!!

I strongly suggest giving “Holocausto De La Morte” a listen before listening to the next record “Harvest Ritual: Vol 1” even though there was another album released in between the two titled “The Divine Art Of Torture” in 2003, although a good album…it did not make the cut of my need to mention in this blog.

HARVEST cd  necro

Necropahgia’s fifth studio album “Harvest Ritual: Vol 1” (2005) Killjoy announced the new line-up of the band. Joining him and Frediablo were Frediablo’s brother Fug on guitar, Iscariah (formerly of Immortal) on bass guitar, Titta Tanni on drums and Mirai Kawashima of the Japanese black metal band Sigh on keyboards providing a different atmosphere than “Holocausto” but the choruses and big sounding crunch guitar remain.

It is difficult to single out a track that stands out the most on “Harvest” but the entire album seems to have taken the style of “Holocausto” and mashed it together with old Marilyn Manson and Type O Negative due to the eerily gothic vibe of the keyboards. My favorite songs on this one I’d have to say is a tie between “Dead Skin Slave” and “London (13 Demon Street)” It’s almost as if they took the theme from the old Tales From The Crypt television show and blended it with ruthless groove metal. Either way, I love it!!!!!!



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