NEW BLOGGER ALERT!: Jay Crimson (noclassjay3x)

Tunnel to the Underground would like to officially welcome aboard Jay Crimson to the Shovel Bums crew.


 Jay Crimson is the vocalist of Hardcore Metal band No Class Assassins (2009-Present) from Saint Clair County, MI. He hosts his own podcast radio show “No Class Radio” on Crimson is also a part time paranormal investigator with Black River Paranormal and has plans to direct his own horror films. He is big into music (metal, hardcore punk), Pro-wrestling and is quite the horror film buff. From 2004-2006, Jay Crimson was an underground competitor in the “TCW” (Total Chaos Wrestling) promotion out of Saint Clair County and has had multiple bouts in hometown areas as well as Detroit, MI under the pseudonym “The Crimson Ghost” from his love of (Horror-Punk band) The Misfits.


Jay has already written an awesome column for us so far titled “Crimson’s Coroner.” Check that out HERE


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