Tornflesh Records and Misspelled Records confirmed to co-host Tunnel to the Underground Vol.3!

Wowza! Just confirmed two more labels for Distribution of Tunnel to the Underground Vol.3!

TornFlesh Records, the label responsible for the infamous 535082_301105489972120_833900301_nTunnel to the Underground Vol.666, has confirmed that he will be jumping back on board and giving this compilation some proper coverage. Super excited about this. I am a major fan of the label, and Tornflesh helped make the Tunnel Series possible.







Next up! I was contacted by Misspelled Records tonight (you would be amazed how many times I actually mispelled the word misspelled). They expressed an interest for releasing the comp on their bancamp page. AWESOME!

Misspelled Records actually doubles as a digital and physical label, and hosts a variety of electronic and experimental releases. Extremely fitting for this comp. Awesome label.

So! That’s six confirmed labels for the comp so far. This is great news, since the goal is to get as much coverage as possible. That’s the entire concept really. But we still have one busy ass week ahead of us, who knows what other labels may jump aboard. To those that have I say THANK YOU and WELCOME TO THE TUNNEL ❤

Check out Tornflesh Records HERE

and Misspelled Records HERE


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