Sirona Records seeks the power of SATAN for new compilation.



Sirona Records posted plans for a new compilation earlier today on Facebook. It will be their 666th release and will be themed as such.

Sirona asks that you channel the power of Satan, to look deep down in your soul to find the darkness and violence, and then make them an awesome track for the comp.


– Track must be very violent or very dark. Genre accepted: Grindcore, Death Metal, Industrial, Harsh Noise, Dark Ambient, Drone, … every genres which can be related because of darkness and violence.
– Track theme must be related to Satan or something evil!
– Track must be mp3, 320kbps (only), I will not accept lower bitrate for this compilation!
– Maximum track length: 8 minutes. No minimum!
– Artists who have different pseudonyms can submit one track for each!
– I can reject your submission if I consider it’s not suffisantly violent, dark or not in the thematic!
– No deadline for the moment, the only one is the fact it will be of course Siro666!

Send your track to with the subject: “Siro666 – A Tribute To Satan” (if you don’t, you have some chance I lost your track somewhere).

Spread the words because as you know, more we on it and better it will be!


I know I will try to be involved with this.

We will keep you updated on any info that is leaked about this comp.

In the mean time, visit their website and the original article HERE.




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