The Tunnel is looking for Writers/Contributors.


The intention of this blog is to be a news outlet for all things underground. That is in no way a job for one man alone.

I plan on personally inviting a select few peeps from the underground, but in the mean time This is an open call for writers and contributors.

What am I looking for?

I am not looking for full time bloggers, or even part time. I am simply looking for some people that may be interested in sharing some news/rants/reviews or whatever else, whenever they feel like it. Be it once a month, or once a year.

I am looking for people that can be “ok” with words, have an interest in the underground art culture of any medium, and a desire to work with others in the underground.

And please, no negative shit slingin assholes need apply.

I am very open to suggestions, and contributors will have alot of creative freedom.

This is a volunteer gig, just like everything else in this crusty underground.

Please email me if you may be interested.

Contact Justin Thomas Squires at

See you in the Tunnel?



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