A Fallen Dream is “Torn Between”

603624_574713069236543_634533820_nI have been a fan of AFD for many years now. The one woman band headed by Veronica Grisham has never failed at delivering awesome tunes at a steady pace.

A week ago, Veronica urged her fans to help her hit 2,300 likes on facebook, and as a reward she would release a new track that was titled “Torn Between”. This weekend she hit her mark and released the new song as promised.

One thing that stands out about Veronica and AFD is the fact that every release she puts out is progressively better than the last. And every release happens to be great! “Torn Between” is no exception. The quality of the song raises the bar again. And makes your mouth water for whatever album or EP this song is going to be a part of.

So here’s the song.

It’s super chill for the most part, alot of great melody. It picks up the pace for  moment, and gets hoppy before going back into chill mode. All together is uses great progressive techniques, and takes you for a sweet ride.

In a nut shell, this song kicks ass, AFD kicks ass, and I cannot wait to hear more of the latest AFD material. Veronica is hard at work (as usual) making her new EP.

Check out A Fallen Dream HERE

Download AFD latest whole offering “Second Wind” for free HERE (Kitty on Fire Records)

And check back for more AFD news ❤




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