No Class Assassins and Kevin Talley like “Cocaine.”


The other day while browsing facebook, I discovered that a local band I follow called No Class Assassins hired Kevin Talley (Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Six Feet Under) to help them do an awesome cover of Eric Clapton’s classic “Cocaine.”

I was really pleased with what I heard. No Class has always put out some solid tunes with good production value behind the sounds. They are all around a really decent metal band.I believe No Class Assassins have been without a drummer for a few months, so hiring Talley was a really smart move. Their take on Cocaine was obviously a metal one.The song didn’t seem to stand out as much more than a metalized cover at first, but as the song continues (at around the 2:00 mark) it kicks into an ultra slow heavy section that kind of drags you along with it (in a good way). Overall the song is extra catchy and very cool. Kevin Talley’s studio work stands out as always. He is a very phenomenal metal drummer.

Check out No Class Assassins HERE

and check out Kevin Talley HERE



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